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Beautiful Landscape

Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, Ph.D.

visionary leader,  social entrepreneur, intuitive

Photo credit:  Rebecca D'Angelo

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Ignite from within

Fulfill your highest purpose

We all have an authentic purpose we sense at the soul level.  When we pursue that purpose in partnership with each other and Earth, we create heaven on Earth for ourselves, everyone, and everything.

Dr. Calvert is a visionary, purpose-driven leader, coach, consultant, speaker, writer, intuitive guide, energy healer, and entrepreneur who inspires and enables others to make our beautiful future a reality together.

Her mission is to help individuals, organizations, and communities to become their highest selves and fulfill their deepest, most authentic purpose - our spark within that creates ripples throughout.


About Susanna

Dr. Calvert helps others identify and actualize what feels most meaningful and authentic to them through coaching, consulting, and transformative education.  Her wisdom stems from her own experience, which caused her to study and develop her own life, starting from within.  Read her story to understand what inspires and motivates her.





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