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Keynote Feedback

You are an inspiration.

The end of life as I knew it (life-changing).

Thank you for your wisdom and lessons.

You’re talk was very meaningful to me.

Truly inspirational.

Thoughtful and enriching.

Our community absolutely loved it.

Inspiring on many levels.

 Highly inspiring for all of us. You received glowing feedback .

I'm always blown away when Susanna speaks.

Your talk was very meaningful to me.

Workshop Feedback


Enjoying the journey.


I  am (now) more accepting.

Made me a different person.

I managed to find out the meaning of life.

Feel more confident.

One of the most helpful courses I have ever taken.

Immediately useful.

The most effective workshop I’ve had at (this organization).



Great session!

Extraordinary!  They were extraordinarily engaged.

I feel a weight lifting

This was very helpful to me to decrease my STRESS level

Just what I needed to hear today

Reiki/Coaching/Guidance Feedback

A very accomplished beautiful soul of a woman, who has healed me deeply.  I have recovered from lifetimes of fear and pain with this woman

(Others) RAVE about you... they quote you constantly and ask‘what would Susanna do?’

I feel energized and refocused after speaking with you

I am light years ahead of where I was,

You help me to hear myself!

Amazing resource.

I am where I need to be. I am good enough.

 I am less stressed and being more disciplined.

I’m doing things differently and excited about the change, and learning to be more patient with myself.

I had a positive transformative reiki session with Susanna. Clearing of blocked emotions and intuitive guidance helped expand my capacity to transition from a place of feeling emotionally paralyzed to emotional liberation. Forever grateful.

The work was transformational

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