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A versatile and multi-talented professional, Dr. Calvert has a wide range of experience as an inspirational speaker, insightful and intuitive coach, strategic consultant, author and blogger, and a purpose-driven visionary and leader.

Here is a sample of her recent work.


Recording Studio

Finding Our Fit  

TheWorkFM 93.9 

Join Susanna as we discuss our chance to connect with our world on Thursdays at 5 pm ET by live stream on Facebook, youtube, the website, or on local Richmond radio.

Archive is also available.

First UU Sermons 

Susanna as worship associate at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond.   

Presentation archive

Raising Vibrations Radio

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Pari Center Community Call

Real Problems.  Real Opportunities.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The Great Resignation:  Fostering Employee Engagement

Tuesday, March 7, 2022

The Experience Live with Russ and Scott

April 19, 2023


Youtube channels

View the library of videos from the Foundation for Family and Community Healing, including Susanna’s programs Brown Thumbs Turn Green, Our Body Our Earth, Earth Day 2021, and Susanna’s Meditations.

Inspirational speaker

As a speaker, Dr. Calvert is frequently described as inspirational.  Susanna has been doing public speaking for decades, first as an educator and scientist, and then also as a facilitator, thought leader, and YouTube and radio host.  See her curriculum vitae for past experience as a speaker.

Contact her to inspire your audience!

Upcoming projects

Join Susanna for her TV debut on the upcoming TV network, EtherealTV.  Stay tuned!


Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

Higher Ground Conference

Hope, Love, and Grace... Reaching HIGHER Ground

Closing Keynote

November 5, 2021

Author and blogger

Piles of Books

Susanna has published hundreds of blogs, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and books over her career, many of which can be found in her curriculum vitae. 

Though many of her publications are of an academic nature, more recently she has prolifically been blogging about creating our best lives and relationships with ourselves, each other, Earth, and the loving force that connects us.


Here is a sample of her more recent work:


Entrepreneur and visionary leader

Happy Family

Susanna is a visionary, futuristic, and systems-oriented leader committed to helping others identify and achieve their authentic purpose through self-awareness, education, and transformative connections.  She’s led engaged and impactful teams to enable the success of dozens of programs and initiatives regionally and nationally over her career. 


As a consultant, Dr. Calvert helps groups find and actualize their best self through authentic and meaningful connections with themselves and each other.


Most recently, Susanna has ventured into the world of social, nonprofit entrepreneurship.  Founded in 2018, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing seeks to create vibrant connections through relationship skill education in a beautiful, accessible, and interactive online format.  The modules help everyone to be successful citizens of humanity and the world, not just of their schools and workplaces, so that we can create vibrant connections and thrive together.

Dr. Calvert also helps organizations ignite their passion for the purpose and create an aspirational and strategic path into the future and their highest self.  Read interviews with her on, the Richmond Times Dispatch (July 23, 2021), Richmond Magazine, North of the James Magazine, Brainz Magazine. Humans of FuziaAuthority Magazine, and the UUMFE blog.  Recent podcast interviews include Lead By Example, Management Blueprint,  Self-Publish in 30 Days, Good Eye Podcast,

and CanvasRebel.

Contact her to see how she can help your organization.


Other press

NBC12 COVID interview 8.4.21

Other press

NBC12 news at noon interview with Andrew Frieden, 10.7.21

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