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A visionary, purpose-driven leader, coach, speaker, and writer who inspires and enables others to make our beautiful future a reality 

Authentic purpose and passion

Coach and consultant

Individuals, organizations, and communities all have a sense of who they are and what they offer to the world, yet some need help realizing it.  One of Susanna’s superpowers is to see the best of what others can become… and to help them get there.  


Using her background in the science of wellbeing, developmental theory, and education and a strategic, analytical, intuitive, and strengths-based approach, Susanna can help you or your organization tap into your full potential to shine your brightest.  

Susanna's philosophy is that everyone should be in the vocation that feels like play, and makes them excited to go to work each day.  This occurs when we realize our purpose both internally and externally, tapping into our intrinsic motivation and talent. 

See her resume or CV for training or coaching credentials.   Contact her for a complimentary consultation.



Motivational speaker

As a speaker, Susanna is often described as inspirational.  Susanna has been doing public speaking for decades, first as an educator and scientist, and then also as a facilitator, thought leader, and YouTube and radio host.  


Dr. Calvert is best known for inspirational and motivational speeches, using stories about the struggles that are shared by so many people.  The lessons are all based in the science of wellbeing, are strongly affirming, positive, strengths-based, and growth-oriented.  They are infused with great hope and an vision for a beautiful future.


See her curriculum vitae for a more complete description of her experience as a speaker and educator, and recent activities below.

Contact Dr. Calvert to schedule a meeting to see how she can bring energy and enthusiasm to your next event or your team.


Energy work and meditations


Susanna is attuned in reiki, a form of energy healing.  Her practice has evolved to integrate her relationship with nature and her Chinese heritage.  


She also leads guided meditations tailored for a specific healing purpose. 


Contact her to schedule an individual or group session.

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